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A shape inspired by the 1960s, in medical steel and with precious zero anti glare lenses.


The sunglasses you need, a shape inspired by the 1950s.


Your new everyday sunglasses, an outstanding modern design for contemporary women.



Small collections, limited productions, waste consciousness.

We develop small, solid and curated collections each year, released in small productions, avoiding as much as possible to create over stocks and material waste. For this reason, we purchase directly all the materials and lenses to confirm the origin of the materials and adjust to the minimum the amount of waste.

Proximity and ethical work

We work directly and very closely with Italian manufacturers, developing together our collections of quality eyewear.

Our products are created using fair and ethical production methods. The skilled craftsman working at these Italian factories have a beautifully detailed and extensive knowledge of the eyewear making process and enjoy working within safe conditions that abide to the high quality of European health, safety and standards laws for manufacturing in the European Union.

Handmade in Italy

We follow the traditional Italian manufacturing process, where a very important part of the process is still made and crafted by hand.


Acetate made in Italy

Acetate is a material of plant origin that comes from cotton and wood dust. It has amazing qualities for performing incredible colours and high quality finishings in our glasses. We produce all models with high-quality Italian acetate from the renowned Italian house of Mazzucchelli.


Our metal components for the frames are made Italy.There are a lot of steps to produce a metal frame. It is a complex task, founded on the perfect interplay of technology, machinery and people.The production process for metal glasses starts in the print house where the individual metal parts of a frame are produced. These are then smoothed with a tumbling process to eliminate roughness.The individual metal components are subject to a series of steps, many of which are done by hand with great skill and precision.

The semi-finished frame is ready for the next phase: the galvanic treatment​​.

It is a treatment, adding protection and making the surfaces more consistent, shiny and bright, whilst fending off wear, corrosion, the effects of the weather.

Viveur is an independent Italian eyewear brand based in Milan.


Our seasonal collections aim to reflect a style that is dedicated to the pleasures of life, those moments that allow you to be yourself and find joy in simple things. 

Viveur a word that describes a person who lives the worldliness and always seeks pleasure.

Viveur is the return to the audacity that defines our target: cool people who aren’t afraid to dare, people with strong personality and with an unconditional love for “Made in Italy”.

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