The Brand


The idea of Viveur was born holding a pair of glasses bought in a vintage fair. A dream to create a brand of modern-revisited old-fashion-style sunglasses came to life. Our seasonal collections aim to reflect a style that is dedicated to the pleasures of life, those moments that allow you to be yourself and find joy in simple things

Viveur a word that describes a person who lives the worldliness and always seeks pleasure.














The materials and production of Viveur glasses are 100% hand-made in Italy using the best technology available. Our frames are made from Mazzuccheli of Varese’s plates, a historical factory and world’s leader
in production of plates made of cellulose acetate (a natural material that comes from cotton fiber, completely hypoallergenic).

Metal frames are produced by the most experienced artisans of the Cadore area in Italy. The metal (medical steel) coloration takes place trought the galvanic treatment, that gives the metal surfaces characteristics such as hardness, corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.

We guarantee the highest quality of our lenses and the best sun protection for your eyes.