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The materials and production of Viveur sunglasses are 100% hand-made in Italy using the best technology available.


Acetate is a material of plant origin that comes from cotton and wood dust. It has amazing qualities for performing incredible colours and high quality finishings in our glasses. We produce all models with high-quality Italian acetate from the renowned Italian house of Mazzucchelli.


The acetate processing starts with a bar that is cut and shaped to form semi-finished temples and frames. Then, a metal core is inserted into the temples to make them more rigid and resistant and hinges are mounted to connect front and temples.


Tumbling is the beauty treatment for glasses that eliminates imperfections, smooths and makes the surface of the frames and temples brilliant.

All our frames are 100% hypoallergenic.


There are a lot of steps to produce a metal frame. It is a complex task, founded on the perfect interplay of technology, machinery and people.
The production process for metal glasses starts in the print house where the individual metal parts of a frame are produced. These are then smoothed with a tumbling process to eliminate roughness. 
The individual metal components are subject to a series of steps, many of which are done by hand with great skill and precision.

The semi-finished frame is ready for the next phase: the galvanic treatment. It is a treatment, adding protection and making the surfaces more consistent, shiny and bright, whilst fending off wear, corrosion, the effects of the weather.
The process includes three phases: washing, nickel plating and finishing to coat the frames in precious metals such as gold, palladium ecc.

For galvanization to work properly, the frames have to be carefully cleaned and polished. They are then placed on special structures and dipped in tanks containing solutions of water and precious metals with a continuous current running through them so the metal ions can attach themselves stably to the frames.

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